COVID-19 Updates

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July 1, 2020 

Dear residents and families,

As of today, Oakwood Village has not had any positive cases of COVID-19 among residents or staff. Such great news! 

In late April we sent you an outline of everything that we have implemented since the beginning of this pandemic. As many of you have heard, the pandemic continues, and the rates of COVID-19 in Placer County alone are skyrocketing; 85% of the COVID-19 deaths are ages 65+ and 43% of the hospitalizations are over the age of 65. The goal of this letter is to let you all know what we have done since then and what we plan to implement in the future so that you are all aware of our most current policies and procedures.    

Since April 30th, we continue to require each of our employees to wear a mask.  We also check their temperature daily before every shift. In addition to the face masks, as of June 30th, all employees in the community are also required to wear face shields at all times. Employees are still required to wash their hands before entering the building and before entering residents’ rooms when providing direct care. Additionally, if any resident leaves the community for any reason or if new residents move in, we require them to be quarantined for 14 days. When caring for residents who are under quarantine, all staff are required to wear PPE gear.  

In regards to visitations – we have sent out a letter on May 1st, stating that there will be no onsite visitations whatsoever.  However, families can video chat with their loved ones via Zoom, FaceTime, Viber, etc. Please note that these video chats are to be scheduled in advance to ensure that each resident has the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones.  As of June 12th, we are only allowing essential visitors to enter the building, such as healthcare staff and End of Life Care Providers. The End of Life Care Providers are escorted to and from the residents’ rooms. In addition, these providers cannot be around other residents at any given time.  

Family members may continue to drop off items for their loved ones between 9am-4pm , as long as we receive a call prior to the drop off and  cannot be in a close contact with any of our residents while on the premises and must wear masks. As of mid’ June, we have added a few extra policies to increase the safety of the entire community. We are requiring each health care professional wear PPE gear when providing care to any of the residents. We have notified the appropriate agencies who provide any type of care for our residents to ensure that they have their PPE gowns, masks, face shields, and gloves. Without those items, they are not allowed to provide care for the residents. On June 18th, we implemented a new policy that all residents must also wear a mask at all times while in the community. Each resident was provided with two reusable masks that are washed and returned back to them daily.    

To limit the risk COVID-19 exposure, residents’ appointment transportation has also been limited to emergency appointments only.  We are working closely with the doctors’ offices to determine the necessity of each visit, and trying to limit the appointments to video appointments when possible.  

Lastly, we are working on implementing COVID-19 testing for our employees and residents as well. Any new employees coming into the community will be tested prior to their employment here at Oakwood Village. Furthermore, the same will be applied to any new residents coming into the community or current residents returning from the hospital or skilled nursing facilities. New residents, returning residents and residents who seek emergency medical services from a hospital or urgent care/med care unit will be placed under a 14 day quarantined upon their arrival/return to the community.      

We understand how difficult and challenging this pandemic is to all of the residents, families and employees.  We appreciate all of the support and understating from each of you!!!  

Again, this letter is to outline all the steps that we have taken since the last update on April 30th to ensure the safety and health of every resident along with every staff member.  These are difficult times, but we are all confident in the precautions that we have taken and will continue to implement them for as long as necessary to ensure a safe living environment for our residents. Should you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.   

Best Regards,  

Rouzbeh Moradhasel
Executive Director 
Phone: 530 889 8122