Nicole Boneck

I am the new concierge at Oakwood Village and am ready to greet all of you with a warm smile and a helping hand in any way I can.

Prior to coming here, I was a preschool teacher, and what a joy that was! I became a teacher in 2018, but had been working with children longer than that; through after-school programs and nannying back in 2009. Eleven years later and I still found so much joy teaching, guiding, playing, laughing, and making memories with your little ones. One of my favorite things about the job was watching the children discover that they could do something new and then proceed to show you with so much enthusiasm and pride!

I plan on showing the same enthusiasm that I took into teaching and applying it here at Oakwood Village and with the residents. In the short time, I have been here they have already become dear to me as I have learned a little about each of their lives as they sit and visit with me upfront in the late afternoon telling me about their wives, husbands, families, and jobs. It has been like soaking up personal history books; a subject I love. Already this community feels a little bit like home from residents to staff, a feeling that I value highly in a job.

I am currently working on finishing my degree in Early Childhood Education and am happy to say that I am almost completed. In a few more months I will be receiving a diploma.

Feel free to stop by and say hello to me!